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We can tell a lot of stories about INEOS’ Project ONE in Antwerp. About what it’s like to work for Project ONE, for example. Or about the indispensable applications for which ethylene and propylene are the raw materials. And about how we’re limiting our impact on people and the environment too.

  • We are one

    Work for Project ONE? Work at INEOS? Truly a golden opportunity! But we’d rather let our people tell you that. Because there are already a lot of people working for Project ONE. And we’re looking for a number of colleagues to join them.

    Would you like to help build the chemistry project of the future?

    Check out our job openings here

  • Project ONE can produce a wave of innovation

    “I like to be deployed where people can best use me. Where will I be at the end of the project? I don’t know. And that’s exciting!” 26-year-old ...

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  • The most energy-efficient PDH installation in the world

    The chair you’re sitting on, your sports shoes, your clothes, your mobile phone: a lot of things in today’s society would never have happened without chemistry – things that ...

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  • The ethane cracker, the best in the class

    The ethane cracker. That’s why John van Wanrooij came to INEOS. “We’re ensuring that our contractor delivers a good installation – world-class in terms of operability, reliability, safety and ...

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  • We are now setting a milestone with Project ONE

    “Such a large investment as Project ONE? You only get one chance to experience something like this from the beginning.” Jos Vanduffel is Site Interface Manager at INEOS. When he ...

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  • Project ONE, the beginning of innovation

    Koen De Crom is Process Engineer UPI (Utilities, Power & Infrastructure) at Project ONE. He is currently assisting the Engineering Contractor in developing the UPI project. “UPI are all the things ...

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  • Project ONE, the ultimate challenge for every engineer

    Peter Clymans is a Senior Mechanical and Inspection Engineer. He works with various teams to ensure that Project ONE complies with all regulations. At the moment, this is usually done ...

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  • Project ONE will be able to operate sustainably

    Project ONE is being built safely and with an environmental consciousness. As HSSE (Health Safety Security Environment) Manager, Anne-Marie Verrelst makes sure of this. But, of course, she and her ...

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