Project ONE, the beginning of innovation

Swimming, running, or going to work with his racing bike from Berchem to Lillo – sports are a common thread in the life of Koen De Crom (31). And he’s always up for a challenge … literally and figuratively. For example, he recently participated in a marathon in Seville, and he’s an integral part of Project ONE.

Koen De Crom is Process Engineer UPI (Utilities, Power & Infrastructure) at Project ONE. He is currently assisting the Engineering Contractor in developing the UPI project. “UPI are all the things that are not directly involved in propane dehydrogenation or the ethane cracker, but that are necessary for both to function correctly: steam, waste water purification, process water, and so on.”

A complex entity, a unique opportunity

Project ONE is the first mega-project in Europe’s chemical industry for a long time: 2 brand-new plants with state-of-the-art support services. This environment makes it possible to design systems that implement the latest insights and technologies.

I’ve been involved from the first phase of the project. This has allowed me to contribute my own ideas and insights, which will have an important influence on the end result.” In the past year, the project’s basic requirements were worked out and documented according to the established requirements and standards. Now, it’s up to the Engineering Contractor to develop these things in detail and optimize them. “As soon as the plant is designed and built, I will support the start-up and be part of the production team.”

Koen knows that a project like this only happens once in a while – and so it’s a unique opportunity to learn. “Thanks to Project ONE, I have the opportunity to work with people from all over Europe. I’ve already worked in Reading (in the UK) and in Madrid.”

An example for the future

The chemical industry plays an important role in the prosperity of today’s society. “We must realize that, without our industry, a wide array of daily products would not exist. And we want to demonstrate this with Project ONE.”

With an entire plant ready for the future – thanks to a minimal environmental impact – Project ONE is a prominent example for other companies in the industry.

Future-proof and with minimal environmental impact: Project ONE is an example for the entire industry.”

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