29 June 2022

INEOS joins forces with mourik-aertssen infra nv for preparatory/civil engineering works Project ONE

Earthmoving and dewatering works entrusted to Antwerp joint venture

INEOS Olefins Belgium has awarded the contract for the realisation of a significant part of the preparatory works for Project ONE to the temporary joint venture formed by Mourik NV and Aertssen Infra NV. The joint venture, which is based in Antwerp, will thus be responsible for the earthmoving and pumping works foreseen in connection with the construction of the chemical plant in the Antwerp port area.

With this, INEOS Olefins Belgium is taking further concrete steps towards the realisation of Project ONE, the ethylene plant that will set a new industrial standard for all steam crackers in Europe in terms of carbon footprint (lowest in Europe) and energy efficiency.

The works are estimated at approximately €80 million. The execution of these works will start around mid-July this year and will continue until the summer of 2025. Naturally, every effort will be made to minimise the impact on the surrounding area for the duration of the works.

Henk de Bruijne, Project Manager Project ONE Site Preparation & Outsourcing explains: “Mourik-Aertssen was chosen for this contract because of their joint expertise in civil works and their extensive experience and references in the field of soil excavation and transport, dam works, drainage works and water treatment. We are confident that we will be working with strong partners in this important early phase of the works.

Ronny Bertels, managing director of Mourik: “Participating in Project ONE, one of the most relevant projects in the Port of Antwerp in recent years, is not just any assignment. It is also working on the future, in which we can deploy all our expertise in an innovative and sustainable manner together with our partner Aertssen. As an Antwerp company we feel at home in the Antwerp port. This makes it extra special for us to be able to work here.

Gert Mennes, Business Unit Manager Aertssen Infra stated, “In a well-considered and sustainable way we are building Project ONE with our partner Mourik, an important milestone for the port of Antwerp and employment for the entire region. More than 90% of the soil that is excavated will be transported via inland waterways. This will avoid more than forty thousand truck movements on public roads. The site is ideally situated to tackle the project in this sustainable way.

Project ONE is an investment by INEOS in the Antwerp chemical sector for the construction of an ethane cracker. The investment amounts to over three billion euros, making it the largest investment in European chemistry in over 20 years. The state-of-the-art plant will produce ethylene, one of the most widely used base chemicals worldwide and an essential building block for a wide range of products, including lightweight materials for cars and wind turbines, pipes for transporting drinking water, insulation materials, medical applications, computer and smart phone casings, food packaging, textiles, etc. It is also used in lightweight parts for cars and wind turbines, insulation materials for the construction industry.

Project ONE will raise the standard for the chemicals sector in Europe by consistently applying the best available techniques. In particular, it will break new ground in terms of energy efficiency and have a carbon footprint that is less than half of the top 10% of steam crackers in Europe.

It is targeted to start operating in 2026 as construction will take around four years. The investment in Lillo will create 450 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs.