15 January 2021

INEOS Rephases project ONE.

INEOS has confirmed today that it continues with Project ONE in Antwerp, the largest investment in the European Chemicals industry in a generation. There is a growing need for ethylene and it makes more sense to build the ethane cracker first and then the PDH unit. We are simply rephasing the project.

INEOS is one of the main consumers of ethylene and propylene as the basic building blocks in chemistry used in a wide range of products.

The INEOS cracker will be the most environmentally friendly of its kind:

  • Equipped with the best available technologies with the highest efficiency in use of raw materials and energy and CO2 emissions that are less than half of the best performing similar factories in Europe.
  • Designed in such a way that we make maximum use of hydrogen as a fuel and with 100% renewable energy.
  • With this we replace the ethylene that we purchase from other regions with our own production at a CO2 footprint that is substantially lower.