We are now setting a milestone with Project ONE

Jos Vanduffel is 56 years old, married and has 2 daughters (aged 23 and 21). As a bio-engineer, he has been active in the chemical sector since 1988. He has also been active for 40 years at Natuurpunt (formerly De Wielewaal), where he is now chairman of the branch in Lummen.

“Such a large investment as Project ONE? You only get one chance to experience something like this from the beginning.” Jos Vanduffel is Site Interface Manager at INEOS. When he was asked to join the project in the spring of 2017, he didn’t hesitate for a second. “I jumped at the opportunity. We can show the world that it’s possible to build such a unique plant – world-class in respect to the environment – and have it run beautifully.”

Involvement, from local residents to companies

As Site Interface Manager, Jos is primarily responsible for obtaining the permits for the project. At the same time, he keeps a finger on the pulse of all of the parties involved: the local residents and companies, the port (which will build a quay wall at the location where the new plant will be built), the authorities, etc. “Our relations are excellent, and we want to keep them that way. That’s why we inform everyone as thoroughly as possible. For example, we have already had very positive meetings with residents from the neighbouring towns. The people who live there know: we work in the port, the industry is there, and that industry must be able to expand. We listen to their concerns at those meetings, and we take them into account as much as possible.”

The perfect location for the chemistry of the future

Project ONE’s location is perfectly logical to Jos. “The plant is being built in the middle of an industrial area intended for the heavy chemical industry. If there is one location in Flanders where this plant can be built, it’s here.” According to Jos, the location has additional advantages. “The raw materials arrive by ship, the finished products can be conveyed perfectly by pipeline. So, there are few trucks involved.”

But is the new plant actually necessary? According to Jos, it certainly is. “With Project ONE, we’re setting a milestone: we can show the world that it’s possible to construct such an energy-efficient plant. That will probably also have a snowball effect and lead to investments in other existing plants. And so everyone will benefit from it.”

“This is a world-class plant with regard to the environment”

Compare it to a car: a car from 20 years ago cannot be compared to a car today in terms of economy, emissions, and so on. And that also applies to Project ONE. Jos: “Nearly half of the emissions of the nearest competitor in Europe – that’s unique. Environmentally, this is a world-class plant. ”

And so Jos is already looking forward to the construction and the smooth start-up of Project ONE. “Yes, it’s a challenge. But in such a large plant, with the latest technologies, there is so much to learn. This job is fascinating!”

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