Asked Questions

  • 20. Will Project ONE cause additional pellets to enter the port and nature?

    Project ONE will not produce pellets.The ethylene and propylene produced by the new plants are gases that will be primarily transported as liquids through pipelines to other industrial sites that are already producing products in the port, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

  • 18. Will INEOS also flare on Project ONE?

    Flaring is to be minimised. It is a safety mechanism to remove flammable gases from the system. This is important to ensure the safety of a chemical site, in the interest of all employees and local residents.

    Flaring is done primarily when starting and stopping the installations, or with major interruptions such as a power failure. Usually, this will be done via ground flares, in order to limit the impact on the surrounding area. INEOS will examine how it can best inform local residents when the large flaring tower must be used.

  • 17. What about the impact on the surrounding municipalities?

    The project area is located in the port of Antwerp (see Where will Project ONE be built?) and surrounded by other industrial and port-related activities. The nearest residential centers are those of Berendrecht (at 1 km) and Lillo Fort and Zandvliet (at approx. 2 km). The effects on the residential environment are also examined by the Flemish environmental agencies, to ensure that they satisfy the relevant regulations. Environmental measurements will be taken regularly during the operation of the installations.

    Because the site’s final products will be primarily transferred by pipeline to other sites in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, this transport does not require trucks, which would additionally burden the road network and the air and noise quality.

    Local residents who have questions can always contact us.

  • 16. How is the Project’s impact on the environment and immediate surroundings being investigated?

    High standards of Safety, Health and Environment are at the heart of all that INEOS does. The environmental performance of Project ONE is being closely monitored at all stages of its implementation. We will meet or exceed all environmental expectations called for by the stringent standards of the Flemish environmental authorities now and in the future. Through hydrogen fuelling and additional energy saving measures the CO2 emissions of Project ONE are expected to be half of the average of the top 5 olefin plants in Europe with the lowest carbon footprint.

    An environmental impact assessment (EIA) study will be carried out with the permit applications which will map out the effects on the environment and the surrounding area.