the biggest supporter of your athletic shoe

Did you know that … your athletic shoe is not only a fashion statement that ensures better performance, but also a true technological marvel?

Behind your athletic performance is a powerful chemical building block: ethylene. Ethylene is widely used in chemistry and is a key ingredient in the production of synthetic materials. It can be found in the most everyday consumer items: your headphone, your smartphone, your seatbelt … and thus also in your athletic shoes. 

Walking on clouds

One of the most important parts of an athletic shoe is the midsole, which provides cushioning and stability. By using high-tech materials such as ethylene vinyl acetate (a type of foam), polyurethane and more members of the polymer family, manufacturers can create the right properties at each place in the sole for optimal wearer performance.

Air cushions, an extra layer of gel or silicone … So it’s all in the sole and the top shoe designers know it too. With the right ethylene base and an original – often patented – design, this way everyone can find a tailored athletic shoe.

The synthetic material is light and provides good moisture and heat regulation. So you run those Antwerp 10 Miles comfortably and with ease.

From shoe to T-shirt

Ethylene is thus an important element for the optimal performance of your athletic shoes. But it is also incorporated into polyester, which is often used in sportswear such as T-shirts, socks and shorts.

In short, ethylene is an indispensable building block in the production of today’s athletic footwear and apparel. It allows us to perform at our best while providing necessary comfort.

Are you putting on your favorite athletic shoes next time? Then remember that for a substantial part it is the chemical building blocks that take your performance to the next level.

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