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With Project ONE, INEOS will bring one of Europe’s most innovative olefin complexes to the port of Antwerp. We are going to produce ethylene, a chemical building block for all kinds of sustainable and vital applications. Project ONE will boost European chemistry and local prosperity.

  • Treasures of Modern Chemistry

    Ethylene and propylene. You don't see them, but they are very present in our lives. As building blocks for numberless indispensable applications and materials. Immerse yourself in the true treasures of modern chemistry that Project ONE provides.

  • 19 April 2023 | #TreasuresofModernChemistry

    the biggest supporter of your athletic shoe

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  • A high-grade network beneath our feet: behind the scenes at INEOS & Pipelife

    Walking through the city, do you ever think about the thousands of kilometers of pipes and conduits under your feet that provide water, gas, energy and communication? Invisible but highly ...

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  • Disinfectant hand gel saves lives

    Because hand-mouth contact is one of the main ways to become infected, disinfecting your hands regularly can save your life in times of corona or other pandemics. Did you know ...

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